family halloween.

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we really like halloween around here, and have enjoyed our family costumes since beck made his appearance back in 2011. now that he's a bit older he gets to decide the theme for the family, and this year it's star wars (you're so original, buddy!) 

he wanted a 'dark vadar' themed birthday when he turned 4 this year, so he got his costume back in august as a present from nanny & papa. :)

i've been...

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october is here! hooray!

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anyone else love october? we were out of town for the past couple of weeks celebrating my sister's wedding in sun valley, idaho and when we got back to our neighborhood everyone had started decorating for halloween and the temperature had dropped to a super pleasant 75 degrees. ahhhhh.
october is pretty much the earliest anything 'fall' like happens in florida which makes this girl happy!  plus it brings halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays. fun decorations and candy galore...yes!!
before beckett we threw some pretty fun halloween parties, but the past couple years have been a little more tame. i've been concentrating more on great group costumes for the three of us to dress up in.  I know this has little to do with my business but i'm drawing a blank this year and could use some help.
to recap:
mary, joseph & baby jesus.  
(for those of you who do not know, my real name is mary and my husbands name is joseph, so...)
Run DMC. best ever.
it all stemmed from buying beckett his first adidas tracksuit. 
 he and his friends lily and brady are the cutest!! can't wait to get an updated photo of these three this year.
so anyone have a suggestion for what the three of us can dress up as this year? i've found lots of group costumes that could be fun but require at least 1-2 more people. thanks loves!!

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